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Sunday, January 15, 2012

New Wraps

Well, it's been a while, got so much going on its hard to keep up. However, I been creating some new wraps. I'm also creating a new website just for my wraps only, the site will go live shortly. There will be different categories to choose from, there will also be a wholesale section.
This week I had a give away on my Fcaebook page Wrap With Jahfya  for the best wrap style . Below is the lovely winner Dawn Marie Dillon.

Below are some of my new creations, they will be available on the new website soon.

Those  below are called High End Wraps !

Okay folks, I hope you enjoy the new looks, stay tuned for more updates, please flee free to ask questions and leave your comments. That tutorial I promised is coming soon, so until next time, be blessed and 
Wrap With Jahfya !